Biology X Released

Yesterday Knowvio released the newest addition to it’s line of educational apps: Biology X.

Biology X is an effective and convenient study tool for biology at the AP or intro college level. With 8 units containing over 50 chapters, everything you need to know in order to succeed in your biology class will be at your fingertips. Biology X allows you to learn the necessary keywords through easy to use flash cards and then put your knowledge to the test with multiple choice quizzes.

Finding time to study can be difficult sometimes, but with Biology X, you will have the perfect study tool with you in the palm of your hand. Whether you have a couple of minutes or a couple of hours, Biology X provides the perfect platform to learn vocabulary quickly and efficiently while also comprehensively testing your knowledge to help you determine which concepts you understand and which you need to pay more attention to.

Biology X currently features the content of a full year long course in biology from genetics to ecology and everything in between. Additional video content to help you learn will be coming soon!

What’s included:

Flash cards covering all the important vocabulary words and concepts for each of the 54 different chapters. One of the toughest parts of learning biology is understanding all the vocabulary, so Biology X features an extensive collection of vocabulary words with easy to understand definitions that you can flip through anytime, anywhere.
Over 500 multiple choice questions with detailed solutions
These questions are designed to comprehensively test your knowledge of the material covered in each chapter of a standard biology course. Each question is assigned a difficulty level to help you determine how well you know the material.
Fun and easy-to-use scratch pad that allows you to do calculations, draw pictures and brainstorm ideas as you learn.

Who the app is for:

Students taking AP Biology in high school
Students taking intro biology in college
Students studying for exams who need to review biology
Anybody interested in learning biology

Topics covered:

The Study of Life
Chemistry of Life
Biological Molecules
The Cell
The Membrane
Cellular Respiration
Cell Communication
Cell Cycle
Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles
Mendel and the Gene Idea
Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Gene Expression: From Gene to Protein
Regulation of Gene Expression
Descent with Modification: A Darwinian View of Life
The Evolution of Populations
The Origin of Species
The History of Life on Earth
Phylogeny and the Tree of Life
Bacteria and Archaea
Plant Diversity I: How Plants Colonized Land
Plant Diversity II: The Evolution of Seed Plants
An Overview of Animal Diversity
An Introduction to Invertebrates
The Origin and Evolution of Vertebrates
Plant Structure and Development
Transport in Vascular Plants
Soil and Plant Nutrition
Angiosperm Reproduction
Plant Signals
Animal Form and Function
Animal Nutrition
Circulation and Gas Exchange
The Immune System
Osmoregulation and Excretion
Endocrine System and Hormones
Animal Reproduction
Animal Development
Neurons and Signaling
The Nervous System
Sensory and Motor Mechanisms
Animal Behavior
Introduction to Ecology
Population Ecology
Community Ecology
Ecosystems and Restoration Ecology
Conservation Biology and Global Change

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