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Biology X Released

Yesterday Knowvio released the newest addition to it’s line of educational apps: Biology X. Biology X is an effective and convenient study tool for biology at the AP or intro college level. With 8 units containing over 50 chapters, everything you need to know in order to succeed in your biology class will be at[…]


Calculus X

Knowvio’s newest app for calculus is now available on the App Store. This great app includes over 30 videos, hundreds of multiple choice questions and clean formula sheets for quick access to all of those calculus identities you need to know. Currently free for a limited time, download Calculus X today! The topics currently covered[…]


Physics X Preview Video

May 5th saw the release of a major update for Physics X. Physics X now includes: -Detailed equation sheets which include every formula and reference you need for college or AP physics. -Scratch Pad for easy calculations on the fly -Free response questions that can be viewed without watching the video We made these changes[…]


UChicago EPIC competition

Knowvio was recently honored by being a finalist in the Uchicago EPIC competition. The EPIC competition, or Education Professions Innovation Challenge competition at the University of Chicago is held to promote innovative education ideas from students. Way to go Knowvio!

Physics X

How to get a 5 on AP Physics Exam

For those of you studying for the AP physics exam I made a video (located at the bottom of the page) with some good pointers and tips to help you with the study process and optimize your performance on exam day. If you are too busy studying to watch the entire video then check out the[…]